Transwash 5L

Transwash 5L

Price: 2550 +GST

About the product

Transwash Cleaner is a highly active chemical, formulated to remove a wide variety of industrial soils from trucks, buses, cars and also building exteriors.  Transwash” is designed as a brushless cleaner and is free rinsing to ensure a streak free finish on all washable surfaces. Transwash is unsurpassed for the removal of grime from exterior painted surfaces without harming or dulling paint. Transwashis safe to use and biodegradable, making it the environmental choice.

Transwash carries NZFSA Approval C31


  • Removal of road film and exhaust smut from vehicles.
  • Building exterior wash.
  • Cleaning truck curtains.
  • Cleaning fibreglass surfaces.


 High/Low pressure spraying equipment - Dilute up to 1/50 with water.

 Manual Application - Dilute up to 1/80. Apply with brush and rinse thoroughly with water.

 Vehicle Cleaning - Dilute up to 1/50 with water.

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