Smirdex 125mm 820 Velcro Sanding Discs P120 BOX100

Smirdex 125mm 820 Velcro Sanding Discs P120 BOX100

Price: 3500 +GST

About the product

Smirdex Premium Power Line 820 Velcro Discs 
125mm Disks with 8 holes for excellent dust removal when sanding with a dust extractor. 
Premium quality velcro backed (820) Power line. 
Longer lasting performance on the most demanding surfaces, high resistance to clogging. 
The Smirdex range of sanding is suitable for sanding at high speeds. 

Its special stearate coating prevents clogging and pill forming, thus achieving an optimal sanding result. 

Coarser grits are suitable for sanding putty and removing lacquers 
whilst finer grits are ideal for sanding primers and lacquers. 

About Smirdex
Smirdex is one of the leading manufacturing companies of coated abrasives in South-Eastern Europe. 

Located in Northern Greece, Smirdex has produced coated abrasives of high quality since 1981. 

Thanks to the continuous efforts for improvement of its specialised staff, the company has managed to grow bigger and meet the demanding standards of the industry.

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