PPG Polyetch Base Primer Kit - Yellow | 1 Litre

PPG Polyetch Base Primer Kit - Yellow | 1 Litre

Price: 7175 +GST

About the product

719 Polyetch is a top of the range, two-pack, anticorrosive self-etching primer. It is based on vinyl / butyral / phenolic resins and zinc tetroxy-chromate pigment. The catalyst contains phosphoric acid.

Gives excellent adhesion to galvanised steel and nonferrous metals. Gives extra protection to ferrous metals when used as the first primer coat.

Spray apply 70-100 microns Wet Film Thickness to achieve 7-10 microns Dry Film Thickness.

Must be overcoated the same day - no sanding.

Allow >1 hour before overcoating with epoxies, >20 minutes for other coatings.

Must use intermediate primer when overcoating with single pack topcoats and 978:

  • 238: 295/600/610
  • 632: 262
  • CC22: 978
  • 2K Polyurethanes may overcoat direct onto 719, or use intermediate primer.
  • 178: 279,579

Surface Preparation:
Steel - Remove rust by blasting to SA2.5, or by using power tools or sanding. Degrease.

Aluminium - Degrease. Scour with Scotchbrite. Degrease again.

Galvanised steel - Clean and degrease. Use a proprietary acid wash if the surface has been chromate treated.

Thinning and Cleaning:
Not required, but 654 Etch Thinner may be used.

Clean gun and equipment with 654 Etch Thinner.

Spray - conventional
Brush - small areas only

MIXING RATIO: Mix 1L 719A Polyetch Base with 1L 719B Catalyst.

Air dry in 15-20 minutes.

Recommend overcoating the same day. Allow at least 1 hour drying before overcoating with epoxies.

Do not stove.

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