Compound - G3 Wax Premium Liquid Protection 500ml

G3 Wax Premium Liquid Protection 500ml

Price: 1820 +GST

About the product

Farecla G3 Wax Premium Liquid Protection is a finishing wax specifically developed for trade use. It is quick and easy to apply and provides a durable, high gloss finish on fully cured paintwork.

This versatility product can be used by machine or hand and provides up to 3 months protection.

• Ultimate Gloss - Provides a superior gloss finish on all types of fully cured paintwork

• Quick and Easy to Use - Viscous formulation spreads easily providing a thick protective coating that won’t dry out on the surface and buffs off quickly

• Weather Proof - Does not dry out in use in direct sunlight so it can be applied outside

• Durable - Lasts up to 3 months for a longer lasting protection

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