Compound - G10 Finishing Compound

G10 Finishing Compound

Price: 3699 +GST

About the product

G10 Finishing Compound 1L

  • G10 Finishing Compound is ideal for removing light scratches or swirl marks, especially on darker colours. It will also restore older
    paint work and bring the true colour back
  • True Colour Finish - G10 Finishing Compound acts as a gentle abrasive to bring colour back to discoloured paint surfaces
  • Versatile Application - Can be used by hand or machine
  • Dry Use - No water is required, reducing splatter and clean up time
  • Superior Fine Cut - Ideal for removing light scratches or swirl marks, especially on darker colours
  • Perfect Finish - Quickly provides a high gloss nish and ultimate finish, saving time and money


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