Grooming - Electric Polisher Christmas Package

Electric Polisher Christmas Package

Price: 17391 +GST

About the product

Looking for the ideal present for someone who loves to keep their cars looking pristine? 

Panelstore Electric Polisher Christmas Package 

1 x Electric Polisher (6 Speed Variable) with 12 RTB warranty
1 x 500ml G3 Premium Abrasive Compound
1 x 500ml G3 Wax / Wax Top

Our Electric Polisher already includes -

  • 200mm Velcro Backing Pad
  • 200mm Lambswool Polishing Pad
  • 150mm Compounding Pad
  • 12 months warranty

G3 Premium Abrasive Compound

G3 Premium Abrasive Compound is the only compound needed to permanently remove P1500 or finer sanding marks from all modern paint systems, while leaving a swirl free, high gloss finish with reduced product consumption.

G3 Premium has a transparent film which allows the operator to see the work area when compounding. No delays in checking that the job is complete.

For best results, compound using a G Mop Yellow Compounding Foam. If needed, follow with a G Mop Finishing Foam. This will remove any swirls and holograms that might remain, and leave an enhanced gloss finish.

• Long lasting, powerful cut
• Permanent results fast
• No dragging, staining or hazing on fresh paints
• No dusting or splatter. Exceptionally easy and quick to wipe off
• A rare compound that can be used on ALL modern paint systems including the very latest energy or ‘hyper’ clear coats

See video below on usage of product

G3 Wax Premium Liquid Protection

G3 Wax Premium Liquid Protection is a finishing wax specifically developed for trade use. It is quick and easy to apply and provides a durable, high gloss finish on fully cured paintwork.

This versatility product can be used by machine or hand and provides up to 3 months protection.

• Ultimate Gloss - Provides a superior gloss finish on all types of fully cured paintwork
• Quick and Easy to Use - Viscous formulation spreads easily providing a thick protective coating that won’t dry out on the surface and buffs off quickly
• Weather Proof - Does not dry out in use in direct sunlight so it can be applied outside
• Durable - Lasts up to 3 months for a longer lasting protection

G3 Premium Abrasive Compound Use:



G3 Wax Premium Liquid Protection


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