Sundries - Block Buster Holey Terror Sanding Block

Block Buster Holey Terror Sanding Block

Price: 1260 +GST

About the product

The Block Buster Holey Terror Sanding Block is one of the best and original sanding blocks in the industry -

It is a unique sanding block utilizing an extremely durable material with a rigid, easy to hold back side and a strategically configured hole pattern on the front side. These holes enhance the abrasive action of the sandpaper by providing multiple cutting edges, creating a "cheese-grater" effect. 

Wet or Dry, this is the ultimate solution.

Users of these sanding blocks report reduced paint prep times, reduced material consumption and increased paint department productivity. Not only that but it is suitable for woodworking and home improvement. 

These sanding blocks are made in the USA.
Model - HT-1

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