6L 2K Milano Red 2:1 Kit - Full Gloss

Price: 18695 +GST

About the product

6L High Gloss 2K Milano Red Car Paint

This product consists of -
4L 2K 2:1 Milano Red
2 x 1L 2K Hardener

This Milano Red mix will give you a nice direct gloss finish straight of the gun - see attached photo of the paint in the tin.

Regarding the final finish of the paint, if you are after a brighter finish use a White/lighter-colour primer and for a darker finish go for a black/darker-colour primer.

Multiple kits are available!

To thin/reduce you only require 10-15% thinner and I would strongly recommend using a 2K Thinner/Reducer rather than an all-purpose thinner for optimal flow and highest gloss level.

Nationwide Distribution by Panelstore Limited

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