Respray Kit - 30L Toyota Hiace Paint Respray Kit

30L Toyota Hiace Paint Respray Kit

Price: 35000 +GST

About the product

26.5L Panelstore Basecoat Clearcoat Toyota Hiace Respray Kit

This kit is designed to give you pretty much everything you need to do a full respray from surface preparation to a high gloss finish.

Everything supplied in this kit is of the highest quality as well as compatible with each other as well as various other products on the market.

This kit, will give you a high gloss finish once you spray the clear coat on top of the base coat, giving you a time and cost saving finish that you can be proud of completing yourself.

The Panelstore Full Car Respray Kit includes: 

  • 4L PPG 1K Primer
  • 4L 040 Toyota Super White II Colour Mix 
  • 5L Dimond 2K High Gloss Clear Kit 
  • 4L 2K Thinner / Reducer 
  • 5L General Purpose Thinners 
  • 1L Wax & Grease Remover / Prepsol 
  • Masking Tape ( 2 x 18mm Rolls) 
  • Masking Film ( 1 x Pre-Taped 1500mm Paintable Masking Film) 
  • Mixing Cups ( 5 x 700ml, 5 x 1400ml) 
  • Gerson 2K/Basecoat Tack Cloth Sheet

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