COVID-19 presents quite a substantial challenge in front us of all with a Level 4 Lockdown coming into effect very shortly, we are looking at ways to minimize interruptions to all Essential Business & Services that are involved in our supply chain.

To reduce all risks posed to both our internal team and yourselves, all in-store services will end from Wednesday 25th March at 11:59pm. We will remain open up until this time to allow for anyone and everyone wishing to stock up on items for this lockdown period.

Online Orders - as courier services are deemed as an Essential Service we will be able to provide processing for all orders for door-to-door delivery. This means that any online orders placed, will be sent at the next processing period. 

We will be operating as a skeleton crew, most likely with only 1-2 team members on-site while the rest of us work remotely. This may mean that order processing is as fast as it usually is but we will endeavour to do the best we can considering the circumstances. Although we are working remotely, all our phone systems will operate normally and you will be able to contact us during business hours with any questions you may have.

Where we see a challenge is when certain products we are unable to replenish run out of stock, especially our PPE section. We will ensure our website is correctly updated to reflect availability of all products to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Above all else, we hope you all stay safe & healthy and are able to get to those jobs and projects over the coming weeks that have been hanging around for a while!

-Shane & The Panelstore Team