Body Filler Options

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Body Filler Options

We have a range of different body filler options, this is to cater for varying applications as well as budgets. We carry a range of reputable, quality brands that have been established in the auto refinish market for a number of years in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific.

Depending on the type of project you are working on, we’ve categorised the different fillers for you below.

General Body Filling

  1. PLAN Premium Body Filler -
  2. Evercoat Lite Weight -
  3. Evercoat Z-Grip -

Premium Body Filler

  1. Evercoat Rage Gold -
  2. 3M Platinum Plus Body Filler -

Premium Glazing Filler

  1. Evercoat Rage Ultra -

Premium All-Round Filler

  1. Novol Easy Sand -

What do you need in a body filler? 

Easy Usage - what you want is something that will spread around corners well, pull and shape well and be easy to mix. All the fillers we currently carry in our range have been carefully selected as they are the very best at what they do. Our most popular filler to this day is the Novol Easy Sand which performs extremely well, like a premium filler but is easy to sand, spread and work with.

Product Size - we carry our body fillers in a good range of sizes to assist with most repairs in an extremely economical and cost effective way. When you are doing auto body repairs, costs from the paint to the parts can add up extremely quickly. With this, you can look at a way to use a professional filler that doesn’t break the bank.

Spreading the Filler - we carry a range of different body filler spreaders to help you effectively apply the filler without having to use the eftpos card in your wallet or make a makeshift spreader.

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